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The Cloud Provider
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IoT Cloud Advantages

Universal Solution

Integration of communication platforms, sensors and other end devices regardless of the manufacturer or provider into one system.

Full Automation

Monitoring, remote diagnostics algorithms, predictive maintenance, all without the need for manual intervention.

Complete Solution

Delivery, installation and integration of end devices, customization of the whole solution based on customer needs and full training.

IoT Cloud Benefits

IoT enables constant control over operations, services and objects. Thanks to automation you receive beneficial data to increase the quality of your operations.

IoT Cloud Benefits
  • Benefits for Management
    • Increase efficiency - collection, analysis and evaluation of data is automated in real time with regards to predictive maintenance and immedate solution of possible problems.
    • Data are always available for their further processing through individual software tools, such as those for Business Intelligence.
    • IoT Cloud can be integrated with current ERP or servicing software.
    • System modularity ensures incremental scaling without counting the costs for the system core, you only pay for the new extensions.
    • The solution runs in the most modern cloud and there are no additional costs to expand the current IT infrastructure.
  • Financial Benefits
    • Save on the costs stemming from the activities of the servicing department personnel.
    • Increase the quality of services provided to the end customer thanks to the system for monitoring and timely problem alerting.
    • Gradually expand the system and thus adjust the costs to the current needs.
    • Bypass the need to invest into expanding your current IT infrastructure.
  • Operational Benefits
    • Scale the platform based on your needs, it is made to withstand the integration of thousands of sensors.
    • Include the data from individual projects in separate databases and ensure clarity and better usability.
    • Plan efficiently servicing activities and travels of tech department personnel.

IoT Cloud Properties

IoT Cloud gives you full control over your manufacturing, storing, servicing and distribution processes. All elements of the solution are fully adpated to your needs. The platform runs in a local Czech data center with English support 24/7/365.

Technical Solution

The solution is built on state-of-the-art open technologies, high availability and maximum level of automation. A must is the full system monitoring 24/7/365.

Clear Overview

The core includes the open application Grafana which allows you to vizualize the data through tables, graphs and pre-configured dashboards. You have access to the outputs from anywhere.

IoT Cloud Properties

Easy Integration

Thanks to a unique technology concept it is possible to integrate our solution smoothly to your current information and IoT systems. We are able to easy integrate other sensors as well.

Monitoring and Servicing

TCPro provides full servicing and technical support through its own monitoring center with English speaking team 24/7/365. We immediately notify you about any issues.

Do Not Cut Solution Quality, Cut the Costs

Our solution is appropriate for any industry or organization. Automation, control, management and evaluation of manufacturing, storing, servicing and distribution processes allows you to decrease operational costs and optimize human resources.

Food Industry

Quality Standards


  • Monitoring temperatures based on the international standards for the food industry
  • Monitoring operations of superchargers, cooling devices and whole spaces
  • Remote control of person movement, entries and exits from spaces

Industry 4.0

Timely Maintenance


  • Monitoring operations of macihnes and collection of data for reliability analysis
  • Implementation of predictive maintenance algorithms with servicing optimization
  • Monitoring consumption of energy, water and heat including time analysis

Facility Management

Efficient Operations


  • Monitoring consumption of energy, water and heat including time analysis
  • Monitoring non.standard consumption and leak warnings
  • Monitoring usage of meeting rooms and optimization of office space usage

Who Is IoT Cloud Appropriate For?

We approach each customer individually and the solution is always personally tailored. We do not offer useless measuring, we always want to help the customer the right way and improve his operations.


  • Food warehouses
  • Drug warehouses
  • Warehouses requiring physical quantity monitoring

Food Industry

  • Food producers
  • Beer producers
  • Slaughterhouses
  • Meat producers and processors

Industry 4.0

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Mining industry organizations
  • Heavy industry component manufacturers

Facility management

  • Building owners and managers
  • Servicing organizations
  • Historical buildings managers

Public Administration

  • Buildings owned by cities and regions
  • Schools and school facilities
  • Parking lots


  • Drug stores
  • Offices and laboratories
  • Hospital warehouses

Frequently Asked Question

Please read the frequently asked questions which we recieve regarding cloud technologies, virtual IT infrastructure solutions and cloud services.

FAQ The Cloud Provider
  • Will our sensors keep on functioning?

    Yes, they will. Our platform is able to cooperate with any current system. The way you acquire data plays no role further when you process and vizualize data.

  • What are the rules for data storage period?

    We include 2-year storage period. After this period has expired, the oldest data will be gradually deleted, but for the last two years you have full access to your data. It is possible to make this period last longer or ownload the data to your own device or storage.

  • Can we export data or use them in another software?

    Yes, your data belong to you as our client and their further processing is not limited from our side, you only have to be logged in. Data can be exported to standard formats (CSV, XLS) or it is possible to load them directly via REST API, for instance to a reporting system.

  • Can we connect custom made sensors?

    This is not a problem if your supplier gives us the description of the data message format the sensors are sending. The rule of thumb is that we can connect with no problem any device that uses standard data formats for message transmission, JSOn for example. In more complicated situations, this depends on the willingness of the supplier and potential adjustment of the format based on general and our own recommendations.

  • Will you help us with a feasibility study and sensor selection?

    Yes, we cooperate with haardware manufacturers and distributors and we are able to find the right solution. If the system cannot be designed with devices already on the market, we are able to prepare custom devices. The biggest advantage lies in the combination of activities - we design hardware along with fitting firmware and also the data structure optimized for the given needs and further processing. We also take into account the amounts of transferred data in a way they are optimized and redundant data are not stored because that woudl result in the client paying more than he needs to.

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