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A Czech solution standing up to global giants

DIKA team is our long-term business partner. They also focus on outsourcing services. After 2 years they found a rapidly growing problem. The virtual environment they were using became a burden. Thanks to switching to VDC they prevented serious issues.


Dika servis has been its IT outsourcing services through the infrastructure of one of the global leaders on the market with virtual servers. The aim for the highest client satisfaction was clear - adjust to the needs of the clients and ensure the costs stay within bearable limits. The main issues were regular and unexpected costs for "additional services" which were incrementally growing one month after another. These costs were hard to predict and were completely out of control of the DIKA team. Despite thorough records in operational journals, the invoices kept on including items the provider was not able to clarify. Besides, any problem solving with the tech support was very hard and dissatisfying.

It was not possible to change the behavior of the provider, the technicians tried to restrict the growing costs in various ways but these reflected negatively on the clients. Despite repeated restrictions to keep the costs under control, the avalnche could not be stopped. Not only did this approach not help with the economic indicators but it hot the clients with lower efficiency when using virtual servers and restricted options to adapt the infrastructure to the current needs. However, this trend was exactly the opposite of what virtual infrastructure should contribute to.


At that point the team turned to us for help. Intensive coomunication and mutual support led to a successful transition to the virtual data center, though the team had to build the virtual environment for their clients from scratch. The technicians worked with a free 14-day demo and during this period we resolved all the necessary documentation so the two free weeks were used to their highest potential.

Our partner was considering several new suppliers but the following combination of our services prevailed:

  • Taking advantage of full VDC environment control opposed to individual virtual servers,
  • Reliability of operations verified by the free demo version,
  • Flexibility of use and siple adjustment to current needs,
  • Simplicity and speed of set-up and support team
  • Czech data center and local tech and support team.


Thanks to the great cooperation, we were able to resolve the main issue in a way which pleased not only the management but also the technical team. "We perceive the transition to the virtual data center as very positive since the environment really hit the right note with our main techniciant. It also helped us to achieve higher efficiency when looking at the infrastructure management tasks. Your technicians can also try out the environment, we did and it was very beneficials. It is worth it," says Bohuslav Pavlik, the executive manager of DIKA servis.

The virtual environment is now stable, with clear invoicing and without any unidentifiable costs. Virtual servers for clients that run in the environment can now run 24/7/365 without any fear and are, therefore, available when clients need them. "We are now still in the process of phasing out the old environment but we can already say that we are expecting the costs savings nearing 50 %," adds Bohuslav Pavlik. In addition, the technicians are spared the problems with switching the servers on and off. This was related to the costs cutting and most of the time caused great inefficiency. Servers then often did not start up correctly and it was necessary to pay immediate attention to the unexpected recurring problem.

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