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How Do We Take Care of You?


Adapt your IT to the operations of your company at any time and to a full extent and only pay for what you need. Furthermore, monitor everything on a simple dashboard by using just a few pie charts.


We operate our own data center (TIER III). The operations are constantly monitored and managed in accrodance with ISO certifications. We apply multilevel cybersecurity measures to the virtual layer.


Since the beginning of operations, there have been no unscheduled outages. We guarantee service availability of up to the 99,99%. We update physical infrastructure regularly to ensure the highest service quality.

Do not Save on Solutions, Save on Costs

We tailor the VDC environment to each specific customer.
You gain a flexible solution and scalability for a better price while maintaining the same service configuration.

Financial Savings

Outsourcing company switched from a foreign cloud to the virtual data center.


of costs

Time Savings

SaaS (Software as a Service) provider switched from physical servers to a cloud.



Global Savings

Software development department closed down own server room to switch to cloud.


of investments

Our Values

Individual Approach

Our team members from Pisek devote time to each customer individually. We are ready to give an advice at any time, help with a problem or ensure various IT services, such as also Disaster Recovery.

Tech Team

Our technicians will analyze your current IT infrastructure, help you with designing the new one and provide you with complete support during the whole migration process.

English Support

Our monitoring center operates 24/7 and it is always ready to solve any issue that you are facing in reagrds to the operation of your VDC. They also ensure smooth operations of the whole environment.

Client's Review

We provide our clients with virtual infrastructure solutions- See how our services helped them to resolve the biggest problems they faced.

Tech Corner

Technical Solution

Our infrastructure runs on the most modern servers with chips from the highest model series. Our virtual platform is built on OpenStack and Kubernetes and the CEPH storage with high availability and full data triplication.

Infrastructure Operation

We offer online management of the whole infrastructure with fast environment definition, design and redesign of your own virtual machines. Horizon, Grafana and Kubernetes dashboards are ready for you as well as CI/CD tools Jenkins, GitLab and Docker Registry.

Tech Corner

Virtual Servers

You have your own machines configured based on your specific needs. Servers are set up with virtual CPUs, RAM and SSD from the pool of resources you have selected. The service includes SDN you can fully configure.


All operational inquiries and tickets are resolved 24/7 by a trained team sitting in Pisek which also constantly monitors the whole environment. The monitoring center is respomsible not only for the physical but also the virtual part of the whole infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Question

Please read the frequently asked questions which we recieve regarding cloud technologies, virtual IT infrastructure solutions and cloud services.

FAQ The Cloud Provider
  • Can we run Microsoft products in VDC?

    Of course you can. Open technologies allow us to provide you with infrastructure that can run anything. So if you need a Windows server or maybe a Terminal or an SQL database, do not worry, even these licensed products are supported in VDC.

  • Will cloud make our infrastructure slower?

    Not at all - it does not matter if your infrastructure runs on-premise or not. The speed and availability depend on the speed of your Internet connection so this way you can regulate the quality of the access.

  • Do we lose control over data in cloud?

    Not at all - VDC runs in our data center in Pisek, the Czech Republic. Data are located here and do not roam around. Besides, to access your virtual data center, a person needs to have permission that only you can provide.

  • Will you ensure the highest support quality?

    Of course - our technicians are available 24/7/365 in English either on the phone or via a support ticketing system.

  • How will you help us with migration?

    We sit down together and analyze the current state which enables us to find the best way for migration. Thanks to intensive consulting sessions and 24/7/365 support at hand you can reach the most optimal migration process. Besides, VDC is a very intuitive environment so your technicians can quickly get a grip on it.


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